Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So This Is Christmas

And what have I done? Well, admittedly, not much. To be fair, this is the first time I've decorated for Christmas in five years. The first Christmas I spent with my husband I did have a tree in my apartment. The second year I didn't do anything because I was never home, always at his place. The third year we were living together and I had resolved myself to the idea that he's a Grinch - a real Scrooge. Our daughter was born in September 2008 and I really didn't feel like decorating that year. Last year we were living with my parents while our house was being built over the holidays so I couldn't really do anything there but this year....oh, my daughter is two years old and she LOVES everything Christmas-related and I knew she would so I put my foot down and said it is time for my dear husband's heart to grow three sizes and to suck it up that I'm decorating. 

Because it has been so long (and three moves) since I did any sort of decorating, we hit up the end of season clearance at Target last year where we picked up this tree. I know, I know...the whole live vs fake debate. Well, I've never had a real tree and so that along with the convenience of the fake version pretty much had the decision made. 

I decided to go with a red theme because I'm not really a fan of red in day-to-day life but I really do like the color and to me, it screams CHRISTMAS!!!!! more than any other color. I figured this would be the perfect time for me to go wild on red. I picked up these plastic ball ornaments on clearance along with the tree. I love this set because it has (all in red) balls in different finishes - satin, shiny metallic, velvet (like, actually textured) and my favorite, glitter. The ribbon was from the Dollar Tree and the glass topper was a vintage item I already owned.

I also purchased some pre-lit garland at Tarjay last season. I just wound in some red sparkly tulle from Joann.

I really love this in my entry way.

I got these two 9 foot Smith & Hawken amaryllis garlands for $3.74 EACH last year! Can you believe that deal? Anyway, I didn't know what I was going to do with them this year so I sort of just put them along this ledge and I actually like how it turned out. I like that my entry way now gets a beautiful pop of color and Christmas.

Here is a close up of the garland. It really needed the red, it just pulls the garland in to the rest of the room.

I had some extra bulbs so I put them in my dollar store hurricanes just to do something with this corner. I know this vignette really needs more. There was a lamp there but I stole it for my master bedroom. I'm still on the hunt for a lamp perfect for this spot.

Yeah, it really needs something else there.

(On a side note, I have big plans to make that big, bare wall in the background into a gallery wall - all the way up to the ceiling.)

I still have multiple projects in the works to add to my Christmas decor. I'm planning on getting one or two done this weekend so I can show you next week!

What have you done for Christmas this year? Do you have any favorite colors to use in your Christmas decor?

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  1. Your house looks great!I plan on getting some of our decorations out this weekend. We are sticking to our Star Wars wreath instead of a tree for now (we should do an after-holiday sale!).

    I can understand the Scrooge a bit-- I am trying to get over that myself!


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