Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Virtual Window Shopping

I love window shopping. I have so many great ideas and love so many different styles that window shopping is often the only satisfaction I can get when I see something I love but just wouldn't work in my home. There are a few categories I always keep an eye on:
Rugs. I'm looking for a round, light-colored rug to go under my dining table so I often peruse rug sections in online stores. (Click the pictures below to bring you to the store page.)

This is the beautiful "Tatiana" area rug is from World Market. Green is my favorite color and I love the little pops of rust. I wish I could use this in my home!

This beauty is from Target. If it were less expensive I would buy it just to have it on hand. I love it!

Curtains. I love curtains because they are such an easy way to change the whole feel of your space. I like to keep my walls and furniture neutral and go with a really bold drape. I never used to be like this but I fell in love with a patterned drape a couple years ago and changed my whole philosophy on the subject :) Pottery Barn has some of my favorite patterns but they are pretty spendy.

Above is Pottery Barn's "Audrey" pattern. You could use so many different colors with this one and could really go in several style directions. I picture these with some pillows in the Waverly Lovely Lattice pattern in Lagoon like these here - then again, I picture that pattern with everything, I love it so much!

This is Pottery Barn's "Simone" pattern. This is a Kravet pattern called "Lorton" and the color is called "vintage" you can find or special order at many fabric stores.

Mirrors. I love mirrors and am looking for the perfect one for my dining area. I think I just love shiny things.

This one from Pottery Barn is so stunning. The first time I saw this picture in the catalog it took my breath away and I couldn't stop thinking of it. It comes in two sizes, this being the large one. I'm considering an attempt at a knock-off for my home.

This one is just for fun - a headboard decal from Urban Outfitters. How cool is this?

Lamps. I love lamps! I'm always on the hunt for new ones so this is one category I check often.

This table lamp from Pier 1 is so stunning. I'm usually not a fan of gold but on this, even I love it. I would love to have one of these in every room. (Okay, maybe not every room) I'm going to try find something of a similar shape and try to make a knock-off.

This chandelier is lovely. Britt at A Penny Saved made an awesome DIY version from a Target table lamp. I love that it is classic but modern and can be formal or kind of casual depending on what you pair it with. Love this.

I love this modern update to the classic look. How simple would it be to do this to update an existing fixture?

Here is another version of this. I think my grandparents have that same chandelier (minus the shade). I would love to add a shade to take it into this century!

This pendant is so fabulous. It is a stainless steel finish, I would love to purchase the collection for my own home!

I love this! You could go so many ways with this collection - mid-century modern, ethnic, ecclectic. I just love it.

This is probably my favorite of all the chandeliers. It is the perfect combination of casual and formal. I actually am considering doing something similar at home.

So, I hope you enjoyed my first installment of Virtual Window Shopping. What are your favorite sites to window shop? What items do you love looking at?

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