Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Christmas Wreath

Well, it started out as a wreath anyway :) 

I saw this wreath in the Avon catalog a while back and loved it - but I'm more of a silver person and thought it would be so easy to make my own version. Besides, I wouldn't pay $20 bucks for it.

Using a lampshade and some glitter snowflake ornaments I got right to work.

I got two of these packages from Big Lots. They're so pretty but oh, the glitter...this is why I set out the big sheet of plastic before I started my project. It helped. A little.

I tore apart an old lampshade to get the metal ring from the bottom. I know, this was a perfectly good lampshade but I've never been a fan of that shape and it was a giveaway from my mother in-law so I figured what the heck. The ring was the right size for me.

I peeled the fabric off the ring...

...and started hot gluing the ornaments to it.

I just kept going.

I considered gluing them in circles going out but decided to go the other way.

This was so easy - from start to finish it took about 15 minutes. Cleaning up the glitter was the worst part and I'm still finding it in random places. 

It is so beautiful. I wish the pictures would really show how sparkly it is. What's the most simple Christmas project you've done this year? Leave a comment with a link if you've got a blog post - I would love to see!

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  1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love this wreath. So simple and pretty!


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