Inspiration Pics

**This page is always under construction. I like to add pics as I find them so check back often!**

I am in love with so many different styles that I really need about ten homes to incorporate all my ideas. Here are some favorites (click on each pic for the source)...

Mid-century modern:

This house is beautiful. I love all the glass, wood, stone and concrete.

Can you imagine watching sunsets in this room?

This house is amazing - the first word that comes to mind when I see the pics is "fresh".

I love how even with the minimalist furnishings and glass this room just feels WARM


I love the use of the stencil here - you can use the colors that work for you AND you save a bundle (over using wallpaper).

This bed from Anthropologie - the shape is awesome and I love the red!

I LOVE this koi wallpaper - I would love to buy a roll just to have it on hand in case I ever have another home I can decorate in this style (you know, one of those ten homes I need?).

I think I love every detail of this room -

If this were my office I think I might actually enjoy work!

Beautiful!  I love the little modern touches.

"Peonies" by William Merritt Chase.  I love everything about this :)

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