Saturday, March 12, 2011

Owl Love You... (Before & After)

I showed you this guy the other day, acquired on a recent thrifting excursion. Well, yesterday before the blizzard hit it was warm enough to spray paint. Yay!

I've always loved owls and they're so hot right now. I mentioned back here that I needed something more for my dresser area and when I saw this guy, I knew he had to be mine.

He wasn't quite tall enough for the space on his own so I gave him a little boost with this old wood block I had from something else. I kind of like how the block is rough and sort of rustic. It gives Mr. Owl a nice edge.

He looks rejuvenated and refreshed after a new coat of Heirloom White. (The same color I sprayed my dresser tray.)

I adhered him to the block with a thick coat of E-6000.

He looks great on my dresser. I'm still planning on replacing that print with a larger, canvas version. I just need to convince myself to spend the money on it. I know I can get a great deal through Canvas People, I just need to get it ordered.

What do you think? Was he a good addition to my dresser? For $1 (the cost of the bird - the wood block and paint were on hand) I think he's a good deal!

This weekend I'm going to be sewing and hanging my new curtains and going on the hunt for a new computer. I can't wait!


  1. Very nice! I like that you painted him white. I really love that picture of Laura. I bet it will look great on canvas! I know Sam's Club does them for about $10 or so less than that website, but that is still a great deal.

    Have fun computer shopping!

  2. I think he looks great, and you can't beat that deal! I love that pic also!

  3. i liked him before...but i like that you gave him a little perch


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