Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dresser Tray (Before & After)

Last month I had a very successful day thrifting. I took pictures of all my finds and had intended to post them here but my inner procrastinator took over and I just never got around to it. Anyway, here is one of those items and what I did with it :)

I'm in love with all the pretty dresser trays I've been seeing around the blogisphere and I needed something to lighten up the top of my dresser in my dark bedroom so I was on the hunt for something I could work with but I refused to spend a bunch of money.

I found this for a buck. Not much to look at but I liked the shape and for the price - I figured it was worth the investment :)

I primed and sprayed her Heirloom White. The scale is way off so I'm thinking she's going to need to be replaced but for now, it will do!

I was planning on putting some pretty navy zigzags on it but since this is only a temporary piece, I'm just going to leave this one.  The atomizers were my grandma's. She passed away over twenty years ago but when I opened up the silver one I could still smell her perfume. It was crazy - gave me warm fuzzies :)

The tea cup was another find from that day thrifting, it was a dollar too! It is the perfect catch-all for change and lip balm.

I put some votive holders up to play with the scale issues but they didn't help. I need to find another place for them though because I've always liked them.

The photo is one I took of my daughter. I had ordered the 11x14 print and didn't know for sure where in the room it was going. I decided that I'm going to order a 16x20 on canvas of that pic because it really needs something bigger above that dresser, I just need to convince myself to shell out the bucks for it!

So, help me out with more ideas for this space. Is there anything you would add? I'm kind of thinking a tall white ceramic piece for the right side but I need to find the right shape...

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  1. Looks great. I'm working on a tray myself. I might try a pattern, but I don't trust myself to make them straight. I need my husbands help.


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