Monday, March 14, 2011

Lattice Entertain You...

Yes, I'm cheesy. I love to title my posts with puns :)  Well, I had a very productive weekend, I finally got my new curtains done in my open upstairs. Please excuse the before pictures - it is almost impossible to get a before picture of a window so I had to lighten them up using some photo editing software. Though the pictures might not be great, you get the idea!

We've got a patio door and window on the same wall. The curtains that were up before are nice but they don't close all the way and these windows face west so in the summer it gets HOT from the sun beating in.

This is the best before picture I could get - you can see the actual colors. That table doesn't go there permanently, it is going to be used as a nightstand in my guest bedroom redo. I just have it upstairs for now because my daughter likes to use it as a cage for her stuffed toys (and sometimes herself).

I decided to go the no-sew route on these. I would normally stitch them up but I didn't feel like getting my sewing machine out because I know I'll have to replace the needle next time I want to use it. Besides, I like to use rings with clips to hang curtains so I didn't need a rod pocket.

I just gave the fabric a quick press before I added my Stitch Witchery tape so it would lay right when I actually ironed it in.

I ironed in both long sides first and then folded the top and bottom hem over and ironed more tape in. I don't have an ironing board so I put a towel down on my counter top and iron right on there.

Here is an after pic...I love how they turned out and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to get them done. I've had the fabric for this since October! Sometimes it does not pay to be a procrastinator :(

Here is a good after pic. I need to raise the curtain rods a couple inches. I don't really like them pooling on the floor, I just didn't want to do anything before I knew exactly how they would hang.

I still have a little bit of work to do with lining these and I've also got some different sheers to put up. I just love them. This is one of my favorite patterns of all time and the color just looks great with everything else in this great room.

I've got some other posts coming up from my weekend. This is a big week for me with St. Patrick's Day and everything!

So, there you've got it. Proof that you can make such a huge impact with such a simple change.

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  1. They look really pretty with your wall color!


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