Sunday, February 26, 2012

Design Plan - Laura's Renewed "Big Girl" Room

I've been wanting to re-do my daughter's bedroom for a while. When we moved in to this house I just kind of threw together something that sort of "worked" but I didn't put too much thought into it. I used leftover bright pink paint from our last house and put some pretty decals up on the wall.

Well, I've been asking her for a while now if I could change her bedroom and she's refused so far. That is, until she saw this wallpaper from Anthropologie.


I fell in love with it instantly and she literally looked at it and said "I want that"! (Gotta love three year olds!) Anyway, I'm now saving up for one roll. I normally couldn't bring myself to spend $150 on one item for a room but there is just something about this I can't get off my mind. AND it set off a whole design idea for her room.

We've decided to put the wallpaper on one wall. It's a super busy pattern and I don't want to overkill. On that same wall, we're going to do a setup like this.

I've been wanting to do a DIY padded headboard for her for a while and thought a built-in around it would be fantastic. Here is my (somewhat decent) "blueprint".

That big rectangle on the right side is a mirror. Her closet is on the wall perpendicular to that and there's only about seven inches clearance for her bi-fold closet doors so I can't extend the shelf the whole way. I still wanted it to have a symmetrical look so I'm going to use mirror tiles and molding to create a full length mirror.

I'd like to have enclosed cabinets that are a bit deeper than the shelves above to use as night stands and plan to use sconces above the headboard or on the sides and then some recessed lighting in the shelf above the bed (bridging the shelves on the sides).

I found the picture below and loved the paint and molding on the bi-fold closet doors and think this might be worth a shot.

Of course, I need to figure out what to use to replace her builder grade boob ceiling fixture. I'd love a brightly colored fixture along the lines of these:

Finally, I found this picture on Pinterest and loved it! It would be fantastic somewhere in that room and would be an awesome compliment to the wallpaper.

I'm also thinking of yellow chevron curtains and a navy ikat on her reading bench as well as a DIY knockoff of an Anthropologie duvet. I don't expect this room to be done soon but my husband is itching to get that built-in done so you never know. In the mean time, check out my pin board on Pinterest for this room and get a look inside my head.

I'm really trying to be a better blogger and keep the time between my posts at a minimum. I've got a ton started and just need to get my stuff together to show you!

Have a great Sunday and I hope to be back this week with some updates on the nursery :)

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