Friday, May 20, 2011

Simple DIY Art

I've been of the mentality that I have to wait until a project is totally done before I can post about it but recently I've started to move out of that mindset (as evidenced here and here) and realized that I can show you something before I'm done! In fact, I can do one even better...I can show you individual projects that make up part of a whole! Now, I realize that most bloggers have already realized this. I'm a little late to the game ;)

So, I'm in the process of a mini-redo of my downstairs bath. I had really wanted to wait until it was all done to show you but I realized...why would I do that? I can show you each at a time!

First I'll tell you some basics. The room is very small. It is painted a medium greige. It has a basic builder vanity and mirror. I upgraded the light fixture so I actually like it. Here are a couple pics:

The shower curtain was an impulse buy. I just needed something to hang up. I like the blue but just not in that room. I'm going to give it to my mom :)

Here's that light fixture...

A sneak peek of my plan ;)

Okay, on to the art. I used these 16x20 canvases from a different (failed) project.

All I did was wrap the canvases with my new fabric. EASY!!

I hot glued the fabric on, starting with the middle of each side, pulling it taut as I glued.

...and here is the finished product! Seriously, this was so easy.

The fabric is Premier Prints Barber in Corn Yellow/Kelp slub. I'm a major fan of Premier Prints...I also got the fabric I'm using for the curtains in the office re-do at the same time.

I can't wait to show you everything else I've got planned. I did buy a mirror from Craigslist to replace my builder grade mirror but it was too big! That's what I get for not measuring!

So tell me, what kind of posts would you rather see? Teasers or everything at once? 

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