Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY Sunburst Mirrors - On The Cheap!

Hello! So, I realize there are about a million tutorials all over the blogosphere for these and I'm probably on the back side of the trend but I was so excited about these that I figured I'd share anyway.

I made two mirrors. I wanted one large and one small so I bought two different sizes of mirrors. The larger of the two was $1.49 and the smaller was $0.99. I picked up two packages of barbeque skewers and a sheet of foam core poster board at the Dollar Tree.

I placed both mirrors on the board and traced them...

...then I cut out the circles.

I found the center of each circle and stuck a skewer in it to mark it off.

Then, I hot glued the skewers around, meeting in the middle and trying to evenly space them.

Then, I glued a skewer at the edge of the board between each of the skewers affixed at the middle.

Then, I glued more on either side of those glued at the edge of the board but glued them at the in-between point of the other skewers.

Finally, just for good measure, I glued the crap out of it. I put a thick coat of hot glue over the whole thing just to make sure it all stuck together.

View from the top :)

I painted one oil-rubbed bronze and the other heirloom white, making sure to evenly coat all sides of the skewers and the piece of foam board.

I poked a hole in the back of the foam board for hanging. I love the finished product! This one is big - almost three feet wide.
(Yes, I realize this isn't perfectly centered on the wall. For now, it's good enough!)

For the smaller one, I used the same process but first cut the skewers in half.

It's just what my downstairs bath needed!

The total cost for this project was $5 - for BOTH MIRRORS! $2.50 for the mirrors themselves, $2.00 for two packages of skewers and $0.50 for the foam board. I had the paint on hand.

For $5.00, I don't care if I'm behind the times or coming in at the tail end of this trend. I love my mirrors :)

Have you made any DIY sunburst mirrors like this? I know I've seen so many beautiful variations out in blogland...if you have, link it up in the comments below! I'd love to see!


  1. I love this, I'm going to make one this weekend! What size mirrors did you use? I can't tell from the picture. Also did you use hot glue to put the mirror on the front or some other type of glue like gorilla glue? Great idea!

  2. Hi Tara! The large mirror is six inches and the smaller is four. I just hot glued it...but I used a TON! I probably overdid it ;)

    Thanks for the sweet comment!

  3. I love how these turned out.

    I haven't made a mirror yet, but I did make some faux brass urchin things with bbq skewers. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do to elevate an inexpensive material.

  4. THIS IS SO NICE!!! You've just inspired me to make one!!! Thank you for sharing this! I'm a big fan! I always look forward to your new posts! :)

  5. Hi Aimee, I loved your sunburst mirrors so much I made my own! You can check it out here: http://colormedomestic.blogspot.com/2011/11/sunburst-mirror.html. I also linked back to your post here :)

    I didn't overkill the hot glue like you, but maybe I should've, for the painting hook I used at least (one of those jagged teeth-like painting hooks). Couple nights ago it fell to the ground, the hook had unpeeled itself from the hot glue! Thankfully the mirror isn't broken, just gotta reglue it. This time I will put glue on top of the already glued down hook ;)

    I'm also following you now :)

    1. I love this! Such a money saver. I've been looking at prices for the sunburst mirror but sadly had no luck of finding one at a decent price! Yours is such a money saver & fun craft to do.

  6. Love your mirror. I recently featured http://decoratingcents.blogspot.com/2011/11/trends-sunburst-mirrors.html. Please come by and grab a button.

  7. Hi love this but you never mentioned where you purchased the mirrors


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