Saturday, July 23, 2011

DIY Mirror Frame

Hello! I was so flattered by the comments I got about my bathroom re-do and I'm so excited to show you how I fixed up the builder grade bathroom mirror. I know so many of us have those and don't know what to do with them. I got the idea from Mirror Mate, a company that sells custom frames for boring mirrors. While they're great, I just didn't want to spend much money.

I started with my boring, plain, builder grade mirror.

I picked out some decorative trim from Home Depot. I decided to stick with something narrow since this isn't a very big mirror to begin with and I didn't want to take up too much of the mirror surface.

I cut the trim, angling the corners, using a miter saw...

...and notched out the back where the frame was going to go over the clips holding the mirror in place.

I painted the frame yellow with just a standard spray paint. and bought these Command poster hanging strips. I considered getting the picture hanging strips but this trim is so light weight and I wanted it to sit as flush against the mirror as possible. This line of products from Command is awesome! I use them on everything!

I just adhered the individual pieces of trim to the mirror...

...and there you have it! All in all this project cost less than $20 - $15 for the trim and $3 for the paint. It took less than an hour in work time. Not bad for something that makes such a big impact!

Next, I'll be working on my master bath mirror. I'm thinking about a somewhat different treatment for that one though. I'm still working out the logistics but I can tell you, it's going to be GREAT!

I finally was able to get a short enough break in the humidity to get my sunburst mirrors painted. I'll be posting them within the next few days :)

What kind of changes have you made that took so little but made a huge impact?


  1. Good job!

    It looks really nice in there ♥

  2. Love the yellow, and that you used command strips. Sticky enough to hold, but not permanent, should you ever want to change the look. Very clever!

  3. Looks great! I hate builders grade mirrors, it's always the first thing in the bathroom that I change =) I don't have the patience to make a trim though, I just replace them, heheh

  4. You truly do such an amazing job!! It's all incredibly beautiful! Thanks for sharing and inspiring :)


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