Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Found Treasure

Hello! My discovery of the super bargain I missed out on while thrifting encouraged me to do some thrifting this weekend despite being sick. I didn't find much but did come home with two treasures I wanted to share.

I got this set of six little glasses for $4! They're very pretty. I'll have to take better pictures when I get them washed up and sparkling! Also, I was too lazy to run out to my car to grab my camera so these cell phone pics will just have to do.

The glasses are small and they're trimmed with silver. So pretty and I LOVE them!

I was excited about this little trinket/jewelry box as soon as I saw it.  I love anything bamboo and this is going to be perfect on my dresser!

You can't see very well but the stamp is "Bambous D'Or" and signed "Georges Briard". A quick google search let me know that Georges Briard was the brand of an artist named Jascha Brojdo who was quite popular in the 50's-70's. Awesome! Also, if you can't see in the icky pic, the price tag on this says $2.49 BUT I got it for 50% off! Score! I'll be on the lookout now for more Georges Briard pieces!

Did you have any luck over the weekend? Share some of your treasures with me!

1 comment:

  1. Girl... I want that box!! Super cool find!! Love it. and at $1.25 you gotta be kidding!!! **bit jealous over here** =D


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