Thursday, November 18, 2010

A New Table

So I've been obsessed with pedestal tables lately.  I love how they seem to take up so much less space and in my small dining area, that's a must. 

We had two older tables and the one we were using when we first moved into our house was a large rectangle shape farmhouse table and just took up too much space.  It was also a medium oak stain and I'm really not a fan of oak.  Now, if we had a different style home and a larger dining area, I would have painted it and called it good.  It was in such good shape and had a bunch of leaves so the thing got massive -  it would have been perfect for big family dinners.

Anyhow, I listed that sucker on Craigslist and sold it almost right away.  In the interim we've been using a small round colonial (I guess?) style set that we had in storage. 

This one was getting a little closer to what I wanted; it was round and a darker color. Unfortunately, I hated the chairs - hated them.

I used the money I made off the sale of the first table on some new Parson's chairs and set out searching Craigslist for a new table. My requirements were that it 1) be round, 2) be a pedestal and 3) have leaves.  I found this one for $25.  I wish I had taken a before picture. This wasn't in too bad of shape, there were a couple nicks that had to be fixed on the pedestal, the top was laminate and it was a really bad color. 

I set out to refinish this and get it in the house.  (It only took 3 months)

I used a spray primer made for plastic because of the laminate and topped that with a few coats of Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. Here was the important part - I'm so glad I read Infarrantly Creative because Beckie had written a post about the importance of using an oil-based poly on your dining table. I know that if I hadn't read that I would be cursing a sticky table so thanks, Beckie!

Anyhow, this is the new table! I've still got my eye out for a super deal on a table I might like more but for less than $40, this one will do just fine for as long as it needs to.

Better, yes?

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