Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tastefully Simple

Have you ever heard of Tastefully Simple?  They're a direct-sales company where you have a consultant come to your home and you host a party with a bunch of your friends where you get to sample yummy food and order it.  Who doesn't love yummy food?

I recently got to host one of these parties (any chance I can get to host a party at my house - I take it!) and it was tons of fun.  They've got so many great items but most of their products are mixes for appetizers (my fave!). 

Here is just a sampling of what we had:

I've used that Bayou Bourbon Glaze and the Shanghai Stir-fry sauce in my hamburgers - they add such great flavor.  I love that stir-fry sauce way more than typical teriyaki, it isn't quite as sweet.  Oh, and that Rhubarb Strawberry Spread...I'm usually not much for sweets but I could just eat it with a spoon :)

One awesome thing about Tastefully Simple is that all their mixes require two additional ingredients or less.  Take all these dips...all you do is add sour cream and/or mayo and you're done!  Easy peasy!
(see that Carrot Cake Crunch cheeseball?  It tastes like a cross between carrot cake and cheesecake - I even liked it and I don't like either)

Bountiful Beer Bread - just mix a can of beer and bake.  This is one of their most popular items and one of my personal favorites.

I took these pics before the party really started so I still didn't have everything out.  We also had a chai drink mix that we tried hot and cold and an awesome wild rice soup mix we were lucky enough to taste.  I was only recently introduced to this stuff and I'll be going back over and over for some of these items. 

So, have you ever tried Tastefully Simple?  What other direct-sales companies do you like?

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