Saturday, April 9, 2011

Restoring Fiberglass

Many years ago a good friend moved and gave me this old rocking chair she had been using outside as patio furniture. I always loved the style of the chair and how comfortable it was...little did I know what a treasure it was.

The chair is in kind of rough shape and that's why I'm posting this. I've googled and tried to figure out a way to repair the fiberglass in this awesome chair but I can't get any definitive answer. My husband said to pick up a fiberglass repair kit for a boat (or something similar) but surely, he can't be right...

This is my genuine mid-century Luther Conover molded fiberglass rocking chair.

The chrome is a little rusty but I think I can take care of that.

The color is a little faded but I've seen articles about how to bring back the sheen it would have originally had.

This is the worst of it...does anyone know what I can do to fix the fiberglass on this awesome chair? I would really love for it to have a special place in my home...even though it doesn't really fit in with the style of my home, I would love to be able to restore it, I love it that much.

If you don't know, can you point me in the direction of someone who might?

1 comment:

  1. Go into an auto parts store - one of the national chains and talk with them about it.
    Good Luck


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