Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Very First Post

I was an odd child. I admit it. I always had a fascination with art, textiles, tableware and good food. When I was four I had a favorite plate I liked to use because it was prettier than all the others. It didn’t have a cartoon character on it or a similar child-friendly image – it was a very sophisticated floral pattern.

I always dreamed of growing up and having my own home; hosting dinner parties for lots of friends in a beautiful room around a huge table with gourmet food I had prepared myself. I bought my first set of dishes when I was 16. I knew it would be a few years before I would be using it but it was a great deal and so beautiful.

Time has passed. I’m now 30 and married with a family and home of my own. I’m still passionate about all those things and that’s what I want to talk about in this blog. I’ll be posting some DIY projects, photos of my home and how I’ve decorated (always a work in progress!), inspiration photos, recipes and reviews…a little bit of everything domestic.

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